Year of Production: 2010 Duration: 32'

Language: MAGAR Country: Nepal

Subtitle: English Genre: Documentary


Director: Arun Pradhan

Production: Indigenous Film Archive (IFA) in association with International Labour Organization (ILO)

Research: Gopal Dewan

Cinemotographer: Arun pradhan & Som Limbu

Editor: Rajendra Khadka

Synopsis: It is the story of the community that was uprooted from their ancestral land in the name of conservation. The film documents the lives of the people impacted by this relocation to unfamiliar environments. It projects the heart wrenching stories of land owners reduced to extreme poverty and forced to work as labourers. It also documents the opinions of bureaucracy, legal experts, senior government officials and those involved in the fame of conservation.

The story is narrated by Jagat Bahadur Rai who is constantly engaged in conserving water and water sources whose ony quest is to be allowed to live in his ancestral land.

The documentary poses an important question - Can we not uphold the rights of the indigenous people and Conserve Nature simultaneously?

Director's Profile: Arun Pradhena has many films to his credit. Hmar Jingi (Tharu), Bangs (Tharu), The Priest & the Call Girl (Short Film), Fungwama (Limbu), Cabin Girl (Nepali), Teenagers (Nepali) are amoung his better known works. Sweat Drenched Land is his first documentary.